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Project: Exclusive hotel
Location: Hengelo, The Netherlands

The rejuvenating essence of well-being comes alive. Upon entering the Van der Valk hotel in Hengelo, a profound sense of being welcomed washes over you—an instant escape from the bustling world beyond. Through a harmonious interplay of earthy tones, gentle textures, delicate brushstrokes of paint, and graceful organic contours, an atmosphere of hospitality takes form within the newly added wellness extension. The innovative minds at WAD-Studio have meticulously crafted a bespoke wallpaper compilation, adorning the entrance, the serene poolside locale, and the tranquil treatment chambers.

15 vdValk Hengelo  DZ.JPG
16 vdValk Hengelo  DZ.JPG
01 vdValk Hengelo  DZ.JPG
04 vdValk Hengelo  DZ.JPG
08 vdValk Hengelo  DZ.JPG
17 vdValk Hengelo  DZ.JPG
09 vdValk Hengelo  DZ.JPG
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