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WAD-Studio crafts refined interiors and bespoke wall art, each imbued with unique character and a recognizable stylistic imprint.

At WAD-Studio, we've dedicated a decade to revolutionizing interior design scene. Our specialization lies in meticulously crafting bespoke designs that not only capture the essence and narrative of businesses but also reshape spaces into captivating masterpieces.

These custom designs, infused with inspiration from the realms of fine arts and fashion, have grown beyond freelancing, blossoming into a multidisciplinary team proficient in handling projects from initial concepts through execution and renovation. Notable collaborations, including renowned hospitality giants like the prestigious Van der Valk hotels, offices and luxury apartments, underscore our prowess in challenging norms and infusing innovation.

Here at WAD-Studio, we seamlessly intertwine decorative art with visionary interior design, consistently exceeding expectations. Our extensive portfolio speaks volumes about spaces that resonate with purpose, identity, and boundless innovation. With a diverse team, our commitment to detail, precision, and innovative creativity remains steadfast.

Guided by a philosophy that embraces research, experimentation, and the art of storytelling, we create designs that harmonize modernity with fantasy. Our ultimate aspiration is to craft spaces that kindle inspiration and evoke emotions.

With a decade of honed expertise under our belt and now venturing into comprehensive interior creation and renovation, WAD-Studio continues to redefine interiors by transforming them into unforgettable journeys.


Introducing Katarina Stupavska, the visionary founder and HEAD of interior design at WAD-Studio. With a creative journey spanning Slovakia and the Netherlands since 2013, she has expertly curated interior designs, managed projects, and crafted custom prints for hospitality, offices, and luxurious apartments.

Katarina's fervor for bold concepts and expressive storytelling resonates in her extensive portfolio, ranging from striking interiors to large-scale wallpapers, enveloping visitors in an unparalleled experience.

Her remarkable contributions include prestigious endeavors like six exclusive Van der Valk hotels, as well as standout projects such as the private PTC clinic in Delft, the renowned 't Hotel Amsterdam, lavish residences in Oud Zuid, and the King apartments in Amsterdam.

Katarina's academic voyage led her through haute couture fashion studies (BA) at Amsterdam Fashion Institute and a (MA) Fine Art degree from the Royal College of Art in London (RCA). These formative experiences converge in her design approach, merging aesthetics, concepts, and experimentation into her unmistakable signature.

Recognized for her versatility, Katarina seamlessly tailors her creations, encompassing interior designs, floor planning, wallpapers, and decorative arts, to the spaces they inhabit. Her technical mastery translates imagination into tangible visions, facilitated by collaborations with Dutch companies, resulting in collections that echo her conceptual narratives and inspire unconventional color palettes.

Katarina's prowess in interior design, printing techniques on materials, and unwavering attention to detail has garnered international acclaim, gracing esteemed publications like Forbes.

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Meet Marco Bolderheij, a renowned Dutch interior designer and visionary concept developer who lends his expertise to WAD-Studio as a consultant. With an illustrious career spanning three decades, he brings a wealth of experience in curating extraordinary interiors defined by timeless elegance and impeccable selections.

Armed with a fashion design degree, Marco's journey is enriched by his academic foundation and hands-on engagement in the fashion realm, further enhanced by his profound grasp of the furniture industry. This unique amalgamation equips him to grasp clients' aspirations, infuse fresh perspectives, and bring their envisioned interiors to life.

Whether it's retail spaces, hotels, or private residences, Marco's projects are born from in-depth dialogues with clients, showcasing clean lines, functionality, and a subtle touch of playfulness. His acute understanding of mood, color, texture, and technique, coupled with a keen eye for architectural intricacies, converge in sophisticated interiors underscored by a distinctive stylistic signature.

A profound exploration of historical contexts and local influences guides Marco's unique concepts, elevating anonymous spaces into authentic, welcoming havens that exude local flavors and hues.

Marco's collaborative ethos extends to partnerships with builders, textile designers, furniture artisans, and manufacturers. By nurturing their involvement in shaping interiors and crafting tailor-made products, these partnerships weave intricate narratives and stories. The results materialize as exclusive wallpapers, artworks, fabrics, lighting fixtures, and furniture pieces, leaving an indelible mark on each project.

Since 2013, Katarina's dynamic partnership with exceptional interior designer Marco Bolderheij has woven a tapestry of collaborative brilliance, uniting their talents across a spectrum of projects.


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