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"WAD creates sophisticated interior wall art with distinct flavours and a recognisable stylistic & graphic signature."



WAD-Studio consists of a multi-disciplinary team of interior designer, graphic designer, retail agent, marketing consultant and wallpaper hanger dedicated to the highest levels of details, precision and creative expression. 

We believe that research, experimentationconcept, modernity and fantasy can coexist in one space through the home decor, materials, shapes and colours. Our goal is to create experiences and feeling of home through the storytelling art for walls and interior. WAD-Studio dresses up the walls, textiles and furnitures with the custom and commercial interior prints. We present our clients limitless possibilities that reflect their identities or concepts into the unique products. We see the decorative and storytelling art as a medium to honour the history, the location or architectural space by pushing the boundaries and challenging the rules.

In addition, WAD-Studio offers wall-art and unique prints by selected printmaking artists. 


Katarina Stupavska, the founder and graphic artist of WAD-Studio, is a Slovak-Dutch designer creating custom wallpapers and interior prints for hospitality and experimental residences since 2013.

With the demonstration of provocative concepts and expressive narratives signature to her body of work, the large scale wallpapers and interior prints create an experience for everyone who walks into the spaces.


Among Katarina’s notable projects are six exclusive Van der Valk hotels aside from private PTC clinic Delft, ‘t Hotel Amsterdam, luxurious residences in Oud Zuid and King apartments in Amsterdam.

Katarina received her academic training in haute couture fashion (BA) Amsterdam Fashion Institute and (MA) Fine Art in printmaking at Royal College of Art in London - RCA. She sees the interior spaces through the aesthetic, conceptual and experimental lens, which is her unique signature.

Katarina creates prints for wallpapers, pillows, bed frames, curtains, rugs, furniture or even mosaic tiles, stained glass and 3D artworks to fit with in the interior spaces. The large scale of her technical skills allows her endless possibilities to translate her imagination into the client’s vision. Several collaborations with the wallpaper companies based in the Netherlands allowed Katarina to launch wallpapers collections that are now available for the homes of larger public. These collections are the reflection of her conceptual stories, inspiring teams and unusual colour combinations. With the demonstration of her extensive knowledge of printing techniques, materials and eye for details, she got recognised by several international publications and medias. Accolades include: VTwonen, Herenhuis, Feminity, Madam EVA, Valk magazine, SME profit, StartUP, SBS6, Express, Markiza TV and Slovak radio.

Since 2013, Katarina collaborates on the majority of the projects with brilliant interior designer Marco Bolderheij. 

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Marco Bolderheij, Dutch interior designer and concept developer.

He is in a unique position to bring the experience of over 30 years in creating distinct interiors with judicious choices and timeless elegance.

With a grounding as a design graduate in fashion and through his academic and industry work in fashion design in combination with an in-depth knowledge of furniture trade. He understands the clients requirements and aspirations, whilst introducing them new ideas and realize their desired interior.


The projects such as retail, hotels or private residences, are conceived through detailed dialogue with his clients, offering clear lines, functionality and playful nuances, delivering stylish and comfortable environments. Marco's appreciative sense of mood, color, texture and technique together with his interest in architectural detailing allows for creation of sophisticated interiors often with distinct flavours and a recognisable stylistic signature.

In-depth research into social history of buildings and localities has helped in creation of unique concepts, allowing for the transformation of otherwise anonymous hotels into places of authenticity, welcoming and warm, reflecting local flavours and colours.

Marco values the collaborative process of working aside from Katarina with builders, textile designers, furniture designers and manufacturers. Marco encourages them to realize interiors and develop products for specific projects. These collaborations shape the precise narratives and stories. This has resulted in the creation of unique wallpapers, artworks, fabrics, lighting and furniture.


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