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Project: Boutique hotel
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Allow us to introduce 't Hotel, a charming boutique establishment nestled within a canalhouse along the picturesque Lely canal in Amsterdam Centrum, originally constructed in 1612. The interiors of this historic dwelling have undergone a metamorphosis over time, guided by Katarina's ingenuity that draws inspiration from her own family's hotel business. It serves as her creative laboratory, where she experiments with her wallpaper teams, unearths antiques and contemporary furnishings, and meticulously curates a global collection of unique pieces, carefully aligning colors and designs.

Katarina's touch is evident in all eight rooms and the exclusive tea salon, each adorned with a wallpaper collection that narrates tales of the locale and its traditions through her distinctive perspective, while preserving the integrity of the traditional ceiling ornaments. The wallpapers blend elements from Dutch Royal interiors, Dutch Masters, Delfts blue pottery, charming Jordaan neighborhood, and Amsterdam's Art Nouveau era, infused with her vision and playful humor. Within the tea salon, three tableaus delve into the tea, coffee, and cacao traditions during the VOC colonization of Indonesia, paying homage to the beverages served in the same space.

Positioned along the Lily canal, the reception area is adorned with lily flowers teeming with bees, raising awareness about their significance and the looming threat of extinction. Canal view rooms are adorned with wallpapers featuring regal patterns, offering guests a taste of "kingly" living. Within the family room wallpapers, clever narratives are cleverly hidden in the Delfts Blauw style, providing delightful entertainment for young guests during their stay.

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