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Project: Boutique hotel
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Introducing a boutique ‘t Hotel which is situated in the canalhouse on the charming Lely canal in Amsterdam Centrum built in 1612. The interiors of this historic home have evolved over the years as Katarina uses her own family hotel business as a creative laboratory: experimenting with her wallpaper teams; discovering antiques and contemporary furniture; curating a global assemblage of unique pieces with the appropriate colours and her designs.

Katarina designed all eight rooms and tea Salon an exclusive wallpaper collection that tells the stories about the place and traditions through her own lens, keeping the traditional ceiling ornaments intact. Details from Dutch Royal interior, Dutch Masters, Delfts blauw, kitschy Jordaan to Amsterdam’s Art nouveau can be found in the wallpapers mixed with her vision and humour. Three tableaus in Tea Salon talk about traditions of tea, coffee and cacao during VOC colonization in Indonesia as the same beverages are served in this place.

As ‘t Hotel is situated on Lily canal, the reception is covered with lily flowers full of bees, informing visitors of their importance and threat of extinction. The walls of canal view rooms decorated wallpapers with royal patterns so that visitors can feel like his majesty “the King”. In the wallpapers of the family room are hidden humorous stories in the Delfts Blauw style to entertain the children during their stay.

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