Léa Dalissier - WINDOW MOOD

Léa Dalissier - WINDOW MOOD

Window mood

Printed Area : 10x15cm

Paper Size : 20x30cm

Colour Layers : 1

Silk Screenprint

Limited Edition 



Léa Dalissier works primarily in screen print, creating multi-layered portraits that look at technological human histories and possible futures to address the present and shift modes of thinking as a way of tethering the speculation to the present time.


Her work often appropriates elements of familiar Sci-Fi, pop culture and relates to the New Weird movement with its surreal World-building content, utopian timelines and dreamlike poetic aesthetics.


Often research-based, Léa’s practice aligns with notions revolving around ecological awareness and socio-political activism, one that she proposes as ‘kind activism’ – an ideology that aims to inform and allow for contemplation – a chance to slow down in an anxious and fast-paced world.


Based around an urgent sense of ecological awareness, her pieces look at humanity’s loss of intuition and the consequences of the technological advances and biological discoveries.

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