WAD-Studio - Katarina Stupavska - STAINED GLASS WINDOW - I

WAD-Studio - Katarina Stupavska - STAINED GLASS WINDOW - I

Tittle: Stained glass window - I 

Artwork: Hanging lamp inclusiding the LED lightbox 

Dymentions: 55L x 75H x 10W 

Serie of 2 pieces (on demand) 


Material: The artwork was sculpted and drawn in Rhino 3D program to get the mathematical composition and the proportions of the details right. The body of the lightbox and the detailed triangles were laser-cut from wood. Katarina cut by hand the cathedral glass and contructed this piece of art by hand. This Master's graduation piece from Royal College of Art consists of valuble cathedrdal glass cut by hand. Katarina created it during her artis residency at Cite Internationale Des Art in Paris where she researched the sacred geometry in the gothing cathedrals. 


Katarina Stupavska is an experimental and traditional printmaker.

Through various printing techniques Katarina expresses her conceptual stories that reflect the way she sees the world. Her series of work talks about the oldest printing technique, which is etching of the money bills. In particular, the colouring, complexity, copyright and concept of money as a powerful tool that keeps the world order.

With the demonstration of provocative concepts such as human greed, earning the money, sacred geometry and awakening of cousness as an expressive narrative signature to her body of work, the series of prints create a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork.

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