WAD-Studio - Katarina Stupavska - AWAKENING LAMP

WAD-Studio - Katarina Stupavska - AWAKENING LAMP

Title: Awakening lamp

Artwork: Standing lamp inclusiding the shade

Dymentions: 60H x 60L x 60W cm 

The hand-made and lasercut sculpture by Katarina Stupavska, is her Master's graduation piece from Royal College of Art that consists of nine exclusive detailed prints made of dots.  They were created within two years of her studies and contain extensive research.

This unique artwork is one of a kind and close to the artist's heart.

MATERIAL :  The artwork was sculpted and drawn in Rhino 3D program to get the mathematical composition and the golden ratio. The body of the lamps and the detailed triangles were later laser-cut from wood. All the sides contain nine unique and storytelling prints made out of dots. These were drawn in Illustrator and later printed on plastic sheets and coloured foils.

Finally, Katarina cut the edges and contracted this piece of art by hand. 

CONCEPT: One of the oldest printing techniques that inspired Katarina was etched money. In particular, the colourful layering, complexity, copying of the money bills, concept of money as a powerful tool and currency to maintain order of the society. 
After all, cryptocurrency, virtual money, Brexit, global currency and earning of money are the topics of our daily conversation. To translate this large topics Katarina used human greed as an inspiration throughout the history. The collection reflects Katarina's deep conceptual research and observations of daily life in connection to money, power, status quo and society structure.

Every viewer can have different experience by looking at this delicate object by being confronted or start a dialogue. Looking at this prints is like seeing the mentioned topics through the artist's eyes. 

In addition to that, the lamp reflects the colours and patters on the walls when being lighen up in the dark. 

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