Anne van den Boogaard -PRAGMATISM

Anne van den Boogaard -PRAGMATISM

Title: Pragmatism

Printed Area : 27x23cm

Paper Size : 30x30cm

Medium: Giclee art print 300gm


Digital print

Limited Edition


Serie of 5 prints: Optimism, Self Compassion, Autonomy, Self Awareness, Pragmatism, Adampability


Anne van den Boogaard is an Amsterdam based print designer and illustrator.

Her colourful vibrant work is a playful celebration of repetitive and

detailed expressive design with a handmade feel. Influenced by the sixties and seventies, in line work, colours, textures and in mood, she understands we live in a time where things need to change rapidly for a better future. By spreading positivity and striving for a more equal society, she hopes to contribute to a more inclusive, tolerant and sus-tainable stay on earth.

Her work explores areas of social activism and mental health, captures the surreality of daily life, dreamscape escapism, and expresses the power of music.

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