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Project: Luxurious residence 
Location: Amsterdam Oud-Zuid

A comprehensive redesign of the interior space of this opulent residence in Amsterdam's Oud-Zuid district paved the way for Katarina Stupavska's creative vision, encompassing six custom wallpapers and artworks meticulously tailored to harmonize with the interior. The designs draw inspiration from Oriental and vibrant motifs, evoking memories of the client's childhood along the Sicilian coast: hues reminiscent of the South Mediterranean, interwoven with imagery of lemon trees, grace the living room and guest room. The bathroom's washbasin and glass elements are adorned with organic patterns that seamlessly align with the bedroom's wallpaper. Above the fireplace, a glossy liquid panel, uniquely crafted for the study room, adds an artistic touch. Denise Giglio of Maiden Interior expertly selected distinctive materials, daring colors, rugs, and design furniture, culminating in a collaboration that was both dynamic and exclusive, mirroring the residence's ability to capture the allure of the unexpected.

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